Inground Pool Pump

Energy Efficient Pool Pump Motor, EcoPump 1 HP Inground

Energy Efficient Pool Pump Motor, EcoPump 1 HP Inground

The ultimate energy efficient pool pump. It is a 230v model and it has an amp draw of just 1.4 amps during circulate mode. Ports and built in 2 unions for easy installation. (use reducers for 1.5 plumbing) you may find much more info at.

Swimming pool pumps are the least green appliance in homes with pools. In fact, there is more opportunity for power savings with your pool. They think they're getting a great deal but nothing further from the truth.

Entry level pumps in the $300. Category require lots of power to operate.

Entry level single speed pumps typically draw 7-9 amps. That's up to 9 times what ecopump runs on. Entry level two speed pumps draw 3 - 4 amps. That's about 4 times what ecopump runs on. To determine what effect a high amp draw has on your electric.

Bill, we can convert the amp draw into kilowatts. If your pump is 230 volt, multiply. The amps x 230 and you'll get the watts.

Divide the watts by 1,000 for kilowatts. Then determine what you electric company charges per kilowatt hour. Many pool owners are shocked to. Discover their pump is using $75. To beat high utility bills?

How about a pump so efficient your can run it 24 hours per day for just pennies? Ecopump delivers all this and more. That features electron storage technology. Cutting-edge condensors store electrons in dielectrics until the power is called upon. Then when the motor rotates in the optimal position, the stored energy is released, boosting this energy transferred to the impeller.

The result is big savings. Up to 88% over traditional pool pumps.

Now you can run your pump 24 hours for the purest, most crystal clear water possible. Traditional pool pumps are power hungry. Traditional pool pumps require a hefty 1,600 - 2,000 watts of power. In fact, the biggest opportunity for power savings is not with your air conditioning system, but with your swimming pool pump.

Can save over $1,000. Per year when compared to traditional pool pumps. Ecopump works 24 hours per day for better water quality. In the past, electric costs have forced pool owners to reduce the amount of time their pump operates.

This is great for utility bills, but makes no sense for water quality. Stagnant water creates a breeding ground for bacteria and algae.

Plus, it is difficult or impossible to feed chemcials into the pool when the pump is off. Many pool owners choose to run ecopump 24/7 for the best possible water quality. Running ecopump is that inexpensive! Ecopump beats first generation variable speed pumps roi. Required complicated digital controllers that are expensive and prone to premature failure.

Repairing those oboard electronic circuits can cost as much as a new pump. Ecopump has no unreliable onboard electronics and does not need complicated programming. Ecopump can be controlled with a simple, inexpensive 3-way switch ($29.95 including weatherproof enclosure). Easily replaces your existing pump. Ecopump is designed to easily replace your existing pool pump.

No complicated and expensive controllers is required. It even works with a simple 3-way switch. A simple 3-position switch is all it takes to control the circulate, vacuum and off positions. But ecopump also works with an existing two-speed timer or any third-party automation controller.

No matter what type of existing setup you have, ecopump is simple and easy to integrate. Compare efficiency other pumps to ecopump. There are no set standards when it comes to pool pumps and energy efficiency. There is no rating system.

This makes it rather difficult to compare one pool pump to another. Unless you know the secret. The secret enables you to easily calculate the power that your pump will use, using simple math. Amps x voltage = watts. To find out how much electricity a 230 volt pump will use, simply multiply the pump's amp rating by 230.

Once you know the watts, comparing pumps is easy. Many pool owners are finding that programmable pool pumps have complicated circuits that are prone to failure. Get more information on ecopump. For detailed information including comparisons to seven other pool pumps.The item "Energy Efficient Pool Pump Motor, EcoPump 1 HP Inground" is in sale since Friday, January 21, 2011. This item is in the category "Home & Garden\Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living\Pools & Spas\Pool Parts & Maintenance\Pool Pumps".

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  • Brand: EcoPump
  • Pool Type: In-Ground
  • Horsepower: 1 HP
  • Amp Draw: 1.4
  • Watts: 322
  • Voltage: 230 V