Inground Pool Pump

3HP 220-240V 10038GPH Inground Swimming POOL PUMP MOTOR withStrainer For Hayward

3HP 220-240V 10038GPH Inground Swimming POOL PUMP MOTOR withStrainer For Hayward

3HP 220-240V 10038GPH Inground Swimming POOL PUMP MOTOR withStrainer For Hayward
Pool Pump Swimming Water Pump 1.2HP / 3.0HP Circulation Filter Electric. The self-priming pool pump features a high-performance copper wired motor and impeller that provide high flow in an energy-efficient way. It runs on 220V-240V smoothly. The fan-cooled motor is completely waterproof, safe and reliable, offering continuous and quiet operation. The water pump comes with an extra-large filter basket and see-through lid which are detachable and easy to clean and maintain. It can handle swimming pool chemicals.

Strainer basket filters hairs, debris, leaves and impurities to prevent clogging. Drain plug at the bottom for easy drainage after use. Built-in automatic thermal overload protection will prevent the motor from overheating and burning. When the pump is dry running, it will shut off automatically. Airflow ventilation ensures cooler operation of the electric motor.

This self-priming pump provides long service life. Perfect for in-ground and above-ground swimming pools, hot tubs, spas, etc. Suitable for pools up to 41,800 (3HP) gallons OR 29,800 gallons (1.2HP). Max flow rate of 10038 GPH (3HP) / 3650 GPH (1.2HP).

Suitable for salt, chorine, in-ground and above-ground pools. Corrosion-resistant marine grade aluminium alloy motor housing. Chemical-resistant thermoplastic filter cartridge tank body. Removable lint and hair trap/ filter.

Rated power: 2200 W / 3.0 HP, 850 W / 1.2HP. Pump rate: 10038 GPH / 3.0HP, 3650 GPH / 1.2HP. Head: 64FT / 3.0 HP, 41FT / 1.2 HP.

Inner & outer pipe diameter: 50mm (1.2HP) , 60.3mm/63mm (3HP). Product size: 3HP: 21.5"x8.7"x10.3", 1.2HP: 16"x7"x7.5". Weight: 3HP: 17kg, 1.2HP: 7.5kg. Protection Degree : Degree I, Thermally Protected Auto.

Temperature of water handled: 35 degree Celsius. 1 pc 1.2HP or 3.0HP Water pump (Optional). 2 pcs 1.5 inch American standard internal thread connectors. Only qualified, licensed personnel should install pump and wiring. 1, The pump needs to be installed below the pool water level, the water volume should be sufficient and stable.

If installed above the pool, must be filled with water before starting, can not just start the pump. Especially when it is newly installed, you can't start the test immediately after installation, you need to fill up the water to start. Otherwise, it will lead to dry burning, burn the engine, or produce noise, not according to the requirements of the installation will VOID ALL WARRANTIES.

2, The pump needs to be installed indoors or do a good job of adequate waterproof measures outdoors, if installed outdoors and no adequate waterproof measures, will VOID ALL WARRANTIES. 3, The pump has a high-speed engine inside, there will be sound when running, this is a normal phenomenon. We have tried to control the volume, but the existing technology can not do completely silent, please note that. But sometimes it is probably dependent on the express company.

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3HP 220-240V 10038GPH Inground Swimming POOL PUMP MOTOR withStrainer For Hayward