Inground Pool Pump

3.0HP Variable Speed Swimming Pool Pump High Flow Above-Ground Swimming Pump

3.0HP Variable Speed Swimming Pool Pump High Flow Above-Ground Swimming Pump

3.0HP Variable Speed Swimming Pool Pump High Flow Above-Ground Swimming Pump

US Powerful Self Priming Pool Pump for In-Ground Pools For 21,000 - 53,000 Gallons. The self-priming pool pump features a high-performance copper wired motor and impeller that provide high flow in an energy-efficient way. It runs on 220V-240V smoothly. The fan-cooled motor is completely waterproof, safe and reliable, offering continuous and quiet operation.

The water pump comes with an extra-large filter basket and see-through lid which are detachable and easy to clean and maintain. It can handle swimming pool chemicals.

Strainer basket filters hairs, debris, leaves and impurities to prevent clogging. Drain plug at the bottom for easy drainage after use.

Atic thermal overload protection will prevent the motor from overheating and burning. When the pump is dry running, it will shut off automatically.

Airflow ventilation ensures cooler operation of the electric motor. This self-priming pump provides long service life. Perfect for in-ground and above-ground swimming pools, ho. Max flow rate of 3630GPH (1.2HP)/ 10038. Rated Power: 850W(1.2HP)/ 2200W(3HP).

Suitable for salt, chorine, in-ground and above. Chemical-resistant thermoplastic filter cartridge tank body. Removable lint and hair trap/ filter. Check that the mains power voltage and frequency correspond to those indicated on the identification plate affixed to the pump. Check that the pump shaft turns frely. Unscrew the pre-ilter cover and fll the pump with water up to the lower level of the suction. Screw firmly the pre-filter cover back in place. If the motor does not start, or if no water is extracted, refer to the table of possible failures and remedies on the instruction. NEVER OPERATE THE PUMP WHEN NOT FILLED WITH WATER or with water inlet sucked. Wait for self-priming to take place.

The pump is correctly primed when the water level is just below the transparent cover. Our pumps require no particular servicing. It is nevertheless recommended to clean the pre-filter periodically. If the pump is not used over the winter period, it must be emptied (by removing the drain plug) to avoid damage throught. Freezing, cleaned and stored in a dry and well aired place.

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3.0HP Variable Speed Swimming Pool Pump High Flow Above-Ground Swimming Pump